Happy Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s day

Let’s remember valentine’s day is all about the depth of True love which includes Parents, Brother,sister our children and our Better Halves.  Let’s also remember those less fortunate and pray and wish for them all to have the same love and blessings that all deserve.  Help someone in need. Smile at or with someone that you don’t expect anything from. Try to make others happy and healthy  for someone who does not know you or spend time with someone you normally don’t get a chance to do with.  Don’t forget your Morning 2 minute pranayaam (Yoga breathing exercises) in these early morning sun rays


Sanskritchantsnprayers Pratibha Jani
Sanskritchantsnprayers Pratibha Jani





Bedtime prayers shlok by Pratibha Jani

Bedtime prayers shlok by Pratibha Jani






  • Krishnaay vasudevaya  Haraye paramaatmaney
  • pranatah klesha naashaaya govindaaya namo namah
  • Kara charana krutum vaa kaaya jum karma jumvaa
  • shravan nayana jumvvaa maanasvaa paraadham
  • vihitama vihitum vaa sarvametat kshamashva
  • jaya jaya karunaabdhe shri maha deva shambho

Suran Nu Shaak Elephant Yam- fasting vrat recipes

Suran  Shaak Elephant Yam

With the month of shravan, this is a wonderful fasting or vrat recipe I always use myself.