How to make Panchamrut (five nectars) for pooja

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Panchamrut is considered to be the nectar for offering to gods in various religious occasions in Hindu culture.  Panch- is five in sanskrit and Amrut is nectar.  At the end of the Pooja, a little bit of panchamrut is offered to all who have attended the pooja as part of the Prasad.

When making Panchamrut, use the quantity according to the people present. When using just to offer to god, this following quantity should suffice. Make sure to add one Tulsi leaf  before offering to God.

Here is how we make Panchamrut:


  • one table spoon of fresh luke warm milk
  • one teaspoon of fresh (preferably home made) yogurt
  • one tea spoon of pure Ghee
  • one teaspoon of good quality Honey
  • one teaspoon of Guud (Jaggery)  Or Sugar.

Method:   Take Milk in a bowl and add all other ingredients in the order as above stirring each one gently to mix well as you add.

Now add one tulsi leaf and offer to God for pooja.  After Pooja and prasad distribution to all, any left over panchamrut should be offered to a plant pot or tulsi if not used up.


5 thoughts on “How to make Panchamrut (five nectars) for pooja

  1. One observation. As per Ayurveda, equal quantity of Ghee and Honey becomes a toxic or mpre difficult to digest.


    1. Shirish Bhai,
      The making offering and distribution of “Panchamrut” is considered a prasaad and from the entire mixture only about four to five drops per person is to be distributed as prasad. In addition this is a mixture of five different items not just the two so this should not be a problem. You are right in case just one person tries to consume the entire portion and it is just the two items (Ghee and honey)in a whole teaspoon. It is heavy to digest. In any case please adhere to your family needs and requirements and change measures accordingly. Hope this helps.



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