About fasting- Then and now

About fasting and some commonly used items in a typical Gujrati/Indian/Hindu fasts.

Fasting is done in various different ways. Each family,culture,tradition has it’s own way of fasting. The main purpose of fasting is to cleanse the internal organs and release unwanted/non required matter/toxins from the body.In order to keep the mind alert and active it is best to have very light easily digestible foods. This in turn allows the mind to focus on meditation, concentration and eventually (it is believed) to gain self realization. The less you eat and the healthier you eat, the better your mind and body can function. As this seems quite impractical to do on a daily basis for normal social human beings, the ancestors came up with special religious/specific days n tied it in with religious reasons to help us keep the mind and body healthy. This is also true that the more the internal organs are better functioning the better your brain functions.  Click the link on top for all details.


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