Today is GURUPOONAM. Jay Gurudeva.
Happy gurupoonam everyone. Try and do gurudhyaan and gurugita1,2,3.


5. Guru Dhyaanam: गुरुध्यानम् 

Guru Dhyaanam:    Traditionally in ancient times, the Guru or teacher was one who imparted a practical, holistic, material knowledge/wisdom to the seeker or student and was typically a teacher in all aspects of human life. A material as well as a spiritual teacher. (Starting with your mother, father, elders in the family, and then moving on to your school teachers etc, any or all of these are considered GURUs.  The word guru literally means huge/big large/enormous/Great.  It is opposite of the word Laghu which means small, tiny, little etc.  Guru  means someone who is much wiser, knowledgeable, intelligent and  from whom who learn, receive inspiration on all aspects of life, living, birth and beyond.

SO By closing your eyes, and folding your hands in prayer pose, try to connect with Your guru by paying mental respects.  It could be your mother, father, your teacher, or…

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