Daily Morning shlokas-Chaturmaas

Morning prayers for grown ups. Daily Morning shlokas-Chaturmaas

This is a collection of morning prayers in Sanskrit especially beneficial during the four auspicious months of Chaturmaas.(the Four months that come around June to Sept ) of every year. These months are very auspicious for spiritual practices. Shri purusha Suktum especially is to be recited daily. These shlokas also used for daily morning prayers. Includes : Our scriptures also say that we should always recite Shri Suktum (For mother goddess) but recite Purusha suktum(Prayer to the Lord vishnu , consort of The mother goddess) before we recite Shri suktum. So here goes.

  • Aatmashatkum
  • Shivohum
  • Shri Shivparadhanstotrum
  • Shri Krishnashtakum
  • Shri Purushasuktum
  • Shri Suktum.

Hope you enjoy and make it part of your daily morning prayer routine.  These are separately posted as well on this Blog. Here is a collection of all of them together.

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