Sankalp अथः संकल्प

Sankalp अथः संकल्प

Sankalp is that we set a positive intention expressed outloud to the gods/goddesses to receive blessing for a specific purpose or a specific need, request, ceremony and/or a general all round well being of us and our families. Sankalp is to affirm the positive intention and special reason to ask for blessings from almighty and  is mainly always done at the beginning of the pooja ritual for special occasions/ceremonies like weddings, bridal showers, after the baby’s birth, during engagement ceremonies, during special religious festivals such as ganesh chaturthi, navratri,Diwali, dasera, and so on…

Sankalp Entire -write-up-and narration by-pratibha-jani

My Tulsi Plant in the window sill and snow in background from my kitchen window
My Tulsi Plant

in your hand into  the “tarbhaanu”

Tarbhaanu(Copper plate for puja)
next is Shri Ganesh aavaahan
shri ganesh
shri ganesh


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