Happy Father’s day

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

Here’s to all fathers, those who have fathers, would be fathers, brothers, uncles, and all father figures in our lives.

The love, the care and the sacrifice we receive from them all our lives is to be respected and appreciated and not take for granted. May god bless them all always and for ever where ever they are. Here are some shlokas for those interested to include fathers in our lives and to the Father of all fathers. Reflect upon the good wise learning you have received from him/them, the moral, the social, ethical and courageous words of wisdom that you have inherited.

  • मातृ देवो भवः Maatru  Devo Bhava
  • पितृ देवो भवः Pitru Devo Bhava
  • पिता स्वरग् पिता धर्म    Pita swarga, pita dharma
  • पितहि परम् तप पिता सर्व देवता  Pitahi param tapah pita sarva devata.


  • Mother is considered like Goddess,
  • Father is considered like God.
  • Father is Heaven
  • Father is Dharma(religion)
  • Father is ultimate sacrifice
  • Father is all Gods combined.


Enjoy make something special that your dad likes Spend some qualtiy time with him if you can.  Here’s mine.    http://pratibhajanisvegetarianrecipes.com/2014/06/12/mango-lassi/





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