Osaaveli Sev. A Quick Simple Vermicelli sweet recipe

March 5th,2015- 6th,2015 is the festival and celebration of Holi in Hindu calendar. So here is recipe and celebrations tips from my family to yours. Some calanders are using march 6th and 7th , 2015 as the days for holi so be sure to use what works for your region.

Osaaveli Sev
Osaaveli Sev

Happy Holi everyone.


Hi Every one,

So today is Holi. As per the traditional religious/cultural occasion story goes that the child Prahlaad (a devotee of Lord Vishnu) was going to be burnt alive by his demon father King Hiranyakashyapu. This act was to be done by “Holika” who was Hiranyakashyapu’s sister as she had a boon(special blessing)  that she will not be killed in a burning fire. Father was angry at his own son for not treating him as the lord of the universe (the Demon) and instead was a worshipper of Lord Vishnu. He tried many different ways to kill his son. One of them is by burning him alive in the fire. Long story short, there was to be a fire pit in the center of the town to show every one this site.

As the story goes, all day long people were very sad and did not feel like eating…

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