Shraavan Maas Shraavan Somvaar Day 1


I knew it was shraavan meditation time . When I was sitting out on the deck swing this morning and the rain drops started falling on me with the sky full of dark clouds, my heart just wanted to meditate and not get up. (Quiet meditation). Yes it is the first day of  The month of Shraavan has always been one of my favorites as it starts all the religious festivities of the season.

In Gujrati we call it : Shraavan naa saravdaa – શ્રાવણ નાં સરવડા  means shraavan brings light showers.

In Marathi we  have a really short and sweet poem from my childhood school days  that is embedded in my mind since and always reminded by my brother it goes like this: “Shraavan maase harsha maanasi hiravad daate chohi kade, kshanaat padti sar sar dhaaraa kshanaata firuni uuna padey.”  श्रावण मासी हर्ष मानसी हिरावाड दाते चोही कडे क्षणात…

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