Dudh Pauna: Sharad Purnima special By Pratibha Jani

Dudh Pauna: Sharad Purnima special By Pratibha Jani

Sharad purnima brings back again so many good memories in my childhood.  Sharad purnima is also know as Kojagiri Purnima. Many families also enjoy raas garbaa (Traditional gujrati folk dances) as it is considered to have been enjoyed by Lord Krishna and his consort Radha and the gopikas as an all nite dance party.

Two greatest memories are that my Dad used to love the full moon and always wanted to take us up to the terrace of the building to lie down in the full moon at night. And It si also my Mom’s Birthday.

So we used to take the “Dudh Pauna” (Link sugar and flat flaked rice known as poha or pauna.) This recipe is very common and popular part of annual ritual in gujarati families.

We are supposed to eat this Dudh Pauna. after offering it to god and allowing it to sit in the rays of the full moon for a few minutes. The rays of the full moon (indirect rays of the sun) falling on the recipe are to be then consumed by the family members as prasad.

White cool peaceful is to be consumed by your mind body and soul on this nite. This particular recipe is symbolic of the very same. In short summary of the entire ritual.

Most families used to eat this as supper for the night. We of course also would eat a lot of other fun crispy food with it. Like deep fried bhajiyas etc.

Basically whatever you like. Anyway, so as I remember the good happy childhood sharad ponam nites with my parents and siblings, days, I am sharing  this simple quick easy yet healthy and filling soup/porridgy/ recipe especially mant for Sharad Purnima or sharad poonam nite. Hope  you all enjoy with your near and dear and loved ones and look at the moon with love joy happiness and peace in your heart. Ask for all things good in your life and those around you.

Dudh Pauna (flaked pounded rice porridge) – Sharad Purnima special


  • 1 cup thin flat pounded rice flakes (poha or pauna)
  • 2 cups luke warm milk
  • Saakar or khadi saakar  (rock sugar/sugar candy) to taste – about one/two table spoon
  • garnish almonds,pistachios,cardammom as an optional but best all white.
saakar, khadi saakar or rock sugar or sugar candy
saakar, khadi saakar or rock sugar or sugar candy
luke warm milk
luke warm milk

Method: Wash, rinse the pauna (poha) very well in a large bowl and keep is aside to soften for about fifteen minutes.

soaked pauna
soaked pauna

Now add the like warm milk to it slowly stirring and the rock sugar (khadi saakar) Stir with a fork to keep the flakes from getting clumpy.  

Set aside for a few minutes so all ingredients mix well together. sugar will melt. Now offer to the full moon and there after enjoy the prasad with your dear and near ones. It is also said that best to offer in a silver bowl if possible or in a stainless steel. In case none of these are available plain clear glass is just fine.  
Tip: some times some brand of pauna (thick or thin) soak a little more milk than others . In that case just add a little more milk if gets too thick. Usual consistency is the one you/r family like the best.

Happy Sharad Poonam/ Kojagiri

Purnima to all. This also marks the beginning of our special snacks for Guess let us get ready for Yep!!! Diwali.


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