Typically and traditionally, we are supposed to cook the recipes on the day that was dear to our ancestors. SO cook what ever was the favorite recipe for the person youare cooking for. That said, we have  whole series of the most commonly used/popularly cooked recipes for shraddha /pitrupaksha on the blog that you can also use to cook. Here we have a series of 7 videos to cook an entire gujrati meal platter. Remember to cook after shower in the morning and try to place your plate before noon time out on the deck backyard or feed the crows, cows,dog and birds before 11.30 or 12 noon.

For placing the plate on the deck for the birds, here’s how the placement works.

At the bottom place the rice then spread daal and shaak on top of this place the pieces of puri, bhajia/dhokla etc and at the end pour the dudhpaak, or rus or any other dessert you ahve cooked/made. Now last but not the least place small amount of chutney /pickle and place the plate on the terrace, deck or backyard of your home. First put a few drops of water on the floor where u r about to place the plate. then mentally invite the ancestors for the feast and ask for their blessings. Next place the plate on the area and circle a few drops of water around the plate. Bow your head and imagine the ancestors are accepting the invitation and coming to enjoy the feast in the form of crows/birds/squirrels etc. and slowly leave the spot so the birds can enjoy the food. Now enjoy the meal with your family in the house. Later in the evening when the plate is empty bring it in.

Thaali(Plate) Western Indian Vegetarian Meal platter
Thaali(Plate) Western Indian Vegetarian Meal platter

Typically we have one sweet, one farsaan  and puri, and daal bhaat shaak. Add pickles, chutneys according to whatever was the person’s favorite. It needs to be customized according to your family and the person you are cooking for.

Most importantly it involves cooking Dudhpaak, Kadhi, Puri, and daal bhaat shaak and bhajia.  Feel free to add any other recipes for your ancestors.  and use andy and all recipes you wish from the blog as well. Here is the  meal platter link

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