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Hi everyone.


I am Pratibha Jani. My three passions are Gentle Yoga, Meditation, cooking and sharing Healthy vegetarian  Recipes and “Chants, prayers and shlokas” in Sanskrit and Gujarati. These are all part of my inter twined ancient Indian cultural life style. I am therefore adding this site to my other two sites and linking them all so every one can pick and choose what they like to use.

This site is mainly dedicated to  those with busy modern lifestyles but still interested in learning and sharing Ancient Indian Cultural  Heritage-Sanskrit and Gujarati chants,prayers and shlokas as part of their life and to pass on what I have learned from my elders-to the next generation.
I would be posting Sanskrit and Gujarati Prayers, chants, shlokas mantras,prayers,from our ancient Indian Hinduism, Vedic heritage,  Bhagwad Gita, sutras, vedas, upanishads, chalisas etc. which are used on a daily basis and  on special occasions.

The site will be a combination of audio, video, and written shlokas, chants,prayers  most of which will be with English meanings,translations and transliterations so all those who love but are not able to read/write Sanskrit/Gujarati are also able to use the site. I will post special occasion prayers as well which are passed on to me by my parents and my grandparents. Some of them would be popular and others may be very localized and regional to the western part of India-but extremely heart warming and would love to share it with all.

Please treat the site with due respect and

– use as and when needed
– learn and pass it on to future generation
– save archives for future generation.
Comments, suggestions and questions are most welcome. Any special requests will be accommodated to the best of my ability.

Do let us know if you like us.

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Disclaimer: Source for all the shlokas/prayers on my blog are Various different scriptures,books,that I have read over my entire lifetime,received from my  grand parents, parents and from ancient hindu/sanskrit books and other material thru my own research for knowledge scriptures. Many are unknown just like the entire Sanskrit and Hindu culture and religion. These shlokas are from ancient Hindu culture/knowledge and wisdom. Many of them are used by various religious organizations as their own branding. However all the shlokas and the knowledge itself is from thousands of years ago and is not owned by any one organization/ institution/culture.


10 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi can I use the kalash shook as given here for my grihapravesh kalash puja and one kalash will b filled with water coconut leaves then should I use another kalash to sprinkle water or should I use the fulpatra small glass water to sprinkle


    1. The kalash pooja mentioned here in this blog is for times when we are sitting down in the house for various occasion pujas.
      As for Griha pravesh kalash we typically fill up the kalash with plain water, add one betulnut (supari/sopari) raw not roasted, and a coin of either a 25 cents or one rupee and twenty five paise, depending on where u live,then place five betul nut leaves (Paan) and a coconut on top of it with the tail portion of the coconut on the outside of the pot. Before placing the coconut on the pot try and make a swastik with kumkum. Now tie a moli(sacred thread) also known as nada chadi around the neck of the pot or kalash.
      Now spread a white /red/or a golden cloth on a flat wooden stool or baajat(puja stool) platform of the new kitchen in the north east corner of the house. Put some whole wheat on it and then place your kalash on top of it creating a circular dent for placement and firmness.

      Now offer some flowers,lamp (divo) and incesne like dhoop or agarbatti and sing prayers / shlokas of lord ganesh,lord vishnu. The kalash shloka can also be recitedas a part of the recitation no problem. Hope this helps. Good luck with your new home. Make sure the swastik sign is the correct one and not the reverse directions.

      This is a simple short kalash puja for griha pravesh.


  2. I would like to warm thanks to mam Pratibha Jani. You know it is really helpfull to d bussy new generation to keep alive our ancient POOJA practice.I will also inform to all of the my friend to visit your blog and get necessary information.

    Once again i love your blog and thanks a lot MAM Pratibha Jani.

    One Indian


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