About us

About us


I am Pratibha Jani. My three passions are Gentle Yoga, Meditation, cooking and sharing Healthy vegetarian  Recipes and “Chants, prayers and shlokas” in Sanskrit and Gujarati. These are all part of my inter twined ancient Indian cultural life style.

This site is mainly dedicated to  those with busy modern lifestyles but still interested in learning and sharing Ancient Indian Cultural  Heritage-Sanskrit and Gujarati chants,prayers and shlokas as part of their life and to pass on what I have learned from my elders-to the next generation.
Posted here are my Sanskrit and Gujarati Prayers, chants, shlokas mantras,prayers,from our ancient Indian Hinduism, Vedic heritage, Bhagwad Gita, sutras, vedas, upanishads, chalisas etc. which are used on a daily basis and on special occasions.

The site is a combination of audio, video, and pdfs of written shlokas, chants,prayers   some are with English meanings,translations and transliterations so all those who love but are not able to read/write Sanskrit/Gujarati are also able to use the site. I have posts on special occasion prayers which are passed on to me by my parents and my grandparents. Some of them are popular and others very localized and regional to the western part of India-but extremely heart warming that I love to share.

Please treat the site with due respect and

– use as and when needed
– learn and pass it on to future generation
– save archives for future generation.
Comments, suggestions and questions are most welcome. Any special requests will be accommodated to the best of my ability.


Disclaimer: Source for all the shlokas/prayers on my blog are Various different scriptures,books,that I have read over my entire lifetime,received from my  grand parents, parents and from ancient hindu/sanskrit books and other material thru my own research for knowledge scriptures. Many are unknown just like the entire Sanskrit and Hindu culture and religion. These shlokas are from ancient Hindu culture/knowledge and wisdom. Many of them are used by various religious organizations as their own branding. However all the shlokas and the knowledge itself is from thousands of years ago and is not owned by any one organization/ institution/culture.

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