Happy Rakshaa Bandhan

Happy Raksha Bandhan

This post is to all brothers, sisters and Bhabhis. To the ancient wise men and women who created traditions of love, compassion, trust, protection to keep families together. The strong bond of love between a brother and sister is such a  beautiful tradition of the Indian culture. Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone.

Happy raksha bandhan
Happy raksha bandhan

Once a year on the full moon day in the month of shraavan, it is customary to tie a small thread of a symbollic thread of protection – a bond by sister to brother. It is also customary to change the ceremonial jaanav or janoi thread on this day.

Being in the modern times and in usa, most times and festivities don’t exactly happen at the most auspicious times as it does not always fall on a week end and  as  we all know life these days revolves around week ends only. Yet we try our best to perform them to the closest times possible.

The main thing is to  remember here and to pass on to the next generation is  the true meaning behind the “Raksha bandhan” and to always be there for each other as a brother and sister. It is also important to remember that  when Bhabhi (brother’s wife) comes into the family, many families like mine also tie raksha to bhabhi along with the brothers as a symbol of expecting and exchanging protection love and caring from bhabhi as well as from bhai.  Thereby meaning bhabhi is equally as important as bhai.

When a sister is far away like india/USA/UK, we send the ceremonial symbolic raakhi  threads by mail and now even online. Thanks to the modern technology  we can now send sweets with our raakhis as well.

As I  was growing up, I saw my mother’s and my father’s side of the family,  we tie Raakhi (or raksha- meaning protection from all evil) to brothers and brother’s wives as well. Yet some families tie rakhis to brothers and sisters(each other as a symbol of protecting each other).

Follow whatever  customs / traditions your family/moms created for you but remember to pass it on to the next generation and make sure to explain to them the bond the symbolism and the true meaning behind it all. Not the token exchanged by money but the true meaning of all these traditions and cultural happenings. Enjoy everyone.  Have a wonderful weekend.

So, obviously we all love sweets so much and since it is a day to share with sweets, here is my family favorite carrot Halva I am sharing. Enjoy with your family and friends.

Gaajar Halva