Janmashtami- Lord Krishna’s Birthday

Janmashtami- Birth of Lord KrishnaJanmashtami- Lord Krishna’s Birthday is celebrated and rejoiced all over India and around the world every year. This year in USA it falls on Wed 8/28/13.

The birth of Lord Krishna started with a lot of miracles around and too many hardships. Although the beauty of the child’s birth is miraculous, amazing and captivating stories the lessons are taught at each step of his life. starting from birth. Krishna’s childhood is what we typically celebrate on this day as it signifies that the almighty decided to take a human form to tackle the overgrowing evil- Evilness in the earth. One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu takes birth in human form and the domination of good over evil is once again proclaimed.

Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)
Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)

Pray as many chants songs and happy childhood poems you remember as you can on this day and be happy. The most childhood innocent prank stories of lord krishna as a child are how he and his buddies broke into village homes of neighbouring cowherds- and stole the fresh made butter and butter milk and distributed among the friends while the women folks were away at the river banks doing their daily chores like filling up water and doing laundry etc. Each story has a morale which signifies to share the good with all and not just to keep it to yourself. To see good in even the worst of things and situations, to make sure that your own homes, families, communites are fully satisfied and fully fed healthy meals before selling or giving it out for profits.  HOW VERY true even in today’s world. Most of all, that our ego is always kept in check in some way or another and humility  rules.  So much learning and wisdom in such small 2 and 3 minutes folk songs

Some of these are incorporporated in these two short small folk songs. I remember two small poems from my childhood that my grandma used to sit and sing on the swing at sunset times. Both are in gujrati. Simple small family bhajan folk songs from my family to yours.   I am posting it here enjoy if you wish and teach it to your young children or grand children if you like.  Poems themselves are less than 2 minutes each.

  • Daakor no thaakor (lord krishna)
  • Alyaa Kanha (Krishna as a child) taney ek vaata kahu..    My children and myself used to sing it on the deck swing when thery were much younger as well.   Hope you pass it on to your younger ones.
Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)
Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)

On a more grown up note here is

Shri Krishnashtakum     and  

shri purushasuktum   I am posting it here enjoy if you wish

Bhagwad gita chapters 3, 12 and 15 are here 

Enjoy, Like, Share, Teach and  pass it on to the next generation.