Shanta Kaaram N Tvameva Maata Prayers (Evening Prayerschants) 8 minutes

ShantaKaaram N Tvameva Maata Prayers N chants in Sanskrit for evening practice short 8 minutes Audio-Vidoe(To Lord Vishnu,Lord Shiva and Mother Goddess)      This is a group of shlokas and prayers/chants in sanskrit for daily evening practice.They are prayers to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and The Mother Goddess. This collection of chant/prayer is less than 8 minutes and is great to follow in the evenings around sunset time.  Enjoy, share,follow and Like us On.

Click Here for  written pdf  format in Sanskrit and English  Shantaaakaaram N tvameva maata.Pratibha Jani channel By Pratibha Jani

ShantaaKaaram N Tvameva Maata evening prayers