Gurugita Ch 2 By Pratibha Jani

Gurugita Ch 2 By Pratibha Jani


Sanskrit Chant/Prayers for Bhai Beej (Bhai Duj)

Prayers for Bhai Beej (Bhi Duj) The day after Hindu New Year

Sisters pray for the brother’s long and happy life on this day of Bhai Beej.   

Pray to these seven immortal souls of ancient times and ask for their blessings to grant your brother/s and long life.

       अश्वथामा बलिर्व्यसः हनुमन्च विभीषण कृपाह परशुरामच सप्तेते चिरन्जिविन

       Ashvathama Balirvyasah, hanumancha vibhishanah;

       Krupaha Parshuramacha, Saptetey Chiranjijeevah:

 Then address the following prayer to Lord Markandeya:

 मार्कण्डेय महाभाग,सप्तकल्पा जीवितह

चिरन्जीवी यथा त्वं,लाथा मे भ्रातारं कुरुः

Markandeya Mahabhaga,Saptakalpa Jeevitaha

              Chiranjivi Yathaa tvam tathaa me Bhraataaram Kuruhu.

Meaning: O Lord Markandeya, You are most fortunate and are Chiranjeevi (immortal), who will live for the duration of seven Kalpa, Please grant my brother a life as long as yours by virtue of being a Chiranjeevi.

About this Blog- Pratibha Jani

This Blog is mainly dedicated to those with busy modern lifestyles, but still interested in keeping learning and sharing Ancient Indian cultural/ Heritage/Sanskrit /Gujarati chants,prayers,shlokas as part of their life and to pass on to the next generation.
I would be posting Sanskrit and Gujarati Prayers, chants,shlokas from Vedic heritage, Bhagwad Gita, etc.most of which are used on a daily basis and or special occasions. The blog will be a combination of audio, video, and written shlokas, chants,prayers  most of which will be with English meanings,translations and transliterations so all those who love but are not able to read/write Sanskrit/Gujarati are also able to use the blog. I will post special occasion prayers as well which are passed on to me by my parents and my grandparents. Some of them would be popular and others may be very localized and regional to the western part of India-but extremely heart warming and would love to share it with all.

– use as and when needed
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