2.Divo and Aachman दिवो -आचमन् (Lighting the Lamp and Aachman)

1. Lighting the lamp  दिवो -आचमन्

:Divo pragtaavo

Divo, diya or Lamp is traditionally lit by a cotton wick and pure ghee in a small or large size Divo. For sake fo fire hazard, we use a small lamp during daily prayers. Try to keep this lamp burning during your entire meditation-prayers session by either using a large lamp or pouring ghee into it to keep it burning. Use this lamp also as your focul point for meditation/dhyaan. Keep the lamp at the  height of your eye level.

lighting the lamp or Divo (Diya)

In Modern times:

If you are living in an area where you are living in wooden homes and worried about fire hazards, then use a small battery operated lamp during the prayer session.

Lighting the lamp or Divo pragtaavo.: Is an act to symbolize bringing in light and brightness and removing darkness.

2. Aachmanam:

Is to Invite the Gods/positivity and create an intention of getting rid of the raakshashaas or evil/negative elements from around your home(from within). Bring auspiciousness by praying for happiness to be around and all obstacles to be removed. This is act and a symbol of self /internal cleansing as well.

Taking small sips of the water from copper vessel is considered to be very beneficial to drink water from a copper vessel early in the morning to get rid of many toxins from within the body.  (Note how small rituals are tied to the material health and well being of a human body thru religious practices).

1.  Lighting the Lamp (Divo/Deep pragtaavo)
2. Then we do Aachman {(aachman is to drink a sip of water with the spoon from the set of copper vessel and spoon especially for prayers (stainless steel is also ok or silver ones are also used) After reciting each mantra we do this aachman. }

Aachman Mantras:     “shloka Audio at the end of Gurudhyaan shloka.”

1. Om Achyutaaya namah  (Aachman)  ॐ  अच्युताय नमः
2. Om Anantaaya Namah   (Aachman) ॐ अनन्ताय नमः
3. Om Govindaya Namah   (Aachman) ॐ गोविन्दाय नमः
4. Om Bhadram Karne bhihishrunuyaama devahaa bhadram bhaakshey Bhirya jaatraahaa.,Sthiryai rangai shtustuvan stanubhihi ,vyashema deva hitam yadaa yuhu. Svatina Indro Brudrastra vaahaa,Svastinaha pooshaa vishwavedaahaa. svatinahataa Akshayo arishtha nemihi, Swatishno prahashpatirdadhaatu.    Om Shaanti, shaanti, shaantihi.

ॐ भद्रं कर्णे भिहि  शृणुयाम देवाहा , भद्रं भाक्ष्ये भिर्य जत्राः
स्थिर्यै रङ्गैष्टुतुस्तुवान स्तनुभीहि ,व्यशेम देवे हितं यदा यूहु
स्वतिन इन्द्रो ब्रुद्रस्त्र वाहा स्वस्तिनः पूशा विश्ववेदाहा
स्वस्तिनःता अक्षयो अरिष्ठ नेमिहि स्वतिश्नो भरष्पतिर्दतातु
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः  शान्तिः

Wipe your hands with a small clean napkin or a paper towel.
(End this shloka by ringing the litle bell we usually have in the prayer area/room (Known as Ghantnaad (with ghanta or Ghanti)

2. Ghantnaad and aagman


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