6.Kalash Pooja कलश पूजा

6.Kalash Pooja  कलश पूजा

Panchapaatra- small copper vessel for pooja
Panchapaatra- small copper vessel for pooja

Use Panchpaatra or kalash for the following. Kalash is traditionally a copper pot (or in ancient times the pots were made of five metals know as panchadhaatu). It is very easily found in many Indian or Pooja stores but if not, you can also use a stainless pot/container as well.

Fill it up with water and put two or three leaves of tulsi if you have them. If not you can put some flower petals as well (Red yellow or white is commonly used).

Mantra Meaning in short:

We will now invite all the holy rivers of India. (Ganga,yamuna, godavari, saraswati,narmada,sindhu,kaveri) into this water pot and all the gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh). The ocean as well  are seated in various locations on the pot, so are all the vedas (Rigveda,yajurveda,samaveda). Pray to Gayatri, Savitri for bringing peace. More details in the attached audio.

Here is how the shloka  goes.  Cover the Kalash with your right hand and say the following mantra.(Shloka)

6. अथ कलश पूजा
कलशस्य मुखे विष्णु,कण्ठे रुद्र समाश्रितः |
मूले तत्र स्थितो ब्राह्मो मध्ये मात्रुगनास्म्रुतः ||
कुक्षौ तु सागरास्सर्वे सप्त द्विपा वसुन्धरा |
ऋग्वेदोऽपि यजुर्वेद: सामवेदो ह्यथवर्णः  ||
अन्गैश्चसहिता सर्वे कलशाम्बुसमाश्रिताः |
अत्र गायत्री सावित्री शान्तिः पुष्टिकरी तथा ||
आयान्तु देव पूजार्थं दुरितक्षयकारकाः |
सर्वे समुद्राः सारिताः तीर्थानि जलदानदाः ||
गङ्गेच यमुने चैव गोदावरी सरस्वती |
नर्मदे सिन्धु कावेरी जलेय्स्मिन्सिन्सन्निधिंकुरु ||
गंगा दि  सर्वतीर्थेभ्यो नमः कलश पूजां समर्पयामि.||

6. Kalash Pooja

Kalashashya Mukhe Vishnu, kanthe rudra samaashritah.
Moole tatra sthito brahmo madhye ganaasmrutah. ||
Kukshau tu saagarssarve,sapta dvipaa vasundharaa.
Rugvedoapi Yajurvedah, samaveda hyathavarne.||
Angaishcha sahitaa sarve,kalashaambusamaashritaah.|
Atra gayatri, savitri shanty pushti kari tathaah||
Aayaantu deva poojartham,durita kshyakaarakaah |
Sarve samudraah saritaah tirthani jaladaanadaah||
Gangecha yamune chaiva,Godavari saraswati. |
Narmade sindhu kaveri,jaleysmin sannidhim kuru. ||
Gangaadi sarva tirthaabhyo namah kalash poojaam samarpayaami. ||

Remove your hand from the top of the pot and take a couple of tulsi leaves or flower petals dip it in the pot water and sprinkle it around the area you are seated and on yourself. In case there are other people seated around you sprinkle the water on them as well. Just few drops.

Next is

6. Shankha Pooja

.shankha (Conch shells)


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