Lord Hanuman श्रीहनुमान

Lord Hanuman is the monkey faced god of Hindu religion and culture. He is considered to be the symbol of self restraint, self control of a sharp/healthy mind and body and an ardent devotee of lord Rama.

Shri Hanuman
Shri Hanuman

He has virtues of a pure mind body spirit all of which comes from self control, self restraint and focus and concentration of the mind and body in leading towards the successful and rituous path of life. He is shown to have so much strength he can pick up the whole mountain and carry it to the other end of the country and jump thru rivers. He is a model for all students to stay focused on career and helps them to practice celibacy during their student life (the first 25 years of a human life). Lord hanuman also helps in overcoming fears of various types.

Shri hanumna chalisa is one of the most popular and commonly used prayers for Lord Hanuman. It is considered very spiritually uplifting and beneficial if done on tuesdays and saturdays which are considered to be the days of Lord hanuman.  Offerings such as

  • orange color cloth,
  • sindur (orange color powder used for puja and also used as a symbol of marriage by ladies)
  • oil
  • black whole urad daal
  • a garland made of aakdaa (type of leaves) in the hanuman temple are common in various parts of India and abroad. (all or any available items are good)

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