Sarva pitru Shraddha

Sarva Pitru Shraddha is and can be performed by all for the ancestors who passed on Amavasya, Poornima, on both sides of the family and for those ancestors whose Tithi (Indian calender dates) you do not remember. 

So say for example you remember one or two people’s dates for shraddha but you do not know or do not remember your great grand parents dates of passing, then the last day of shraddha which is know as sarva pittru shraddha is to be used to cook and feed the pancha maha bhoot so all the ancestors can come together just like a big party for the ancestors and enjoy the day at your place. Give you/us blessings for Health,wealth,happiness,peace, progeny and prosperity etc. Remember to cook with lot of love whatever you can and offer. Image

Until next time. Please shre and pass it on to he next generation.

Bhai Beej -Bhai Duj sanskritchantsnprayers by Pratibha Jani

Bhai Beej -Bhai Duj sanskritchantsnprayers by Pratibha Jani

Prayers for Bhai Beej (Bhi Duj) The day after Hindu New Year

Sisters pray for the brother’s long and happy life on this day of Bhai Beej.   

Pray to these seven immortal souls of ancient times and ask for their blessings to grant your brother/s and long life.

अश्वथामा बलिर्व्यसः हनुमन्च विभीषण कृपाह परशुरामच सप्तेते चिरन्जिविन

Ashvathama Balirvyasah, hanumancha vibhishanah;

Krupaha Parshuramacha, Saptetey Chiranjijeevah:

Then address the following prayer to Lord Markandeya:

मार्कण्डेय महाभाग,सप्तकल्पा जीवितह

चिरन्जीवी यथा त्वं,लाथा मे भ्रातारं कुरुः

Markandeya Mahabhaga,Saptakalpa Jeevitaha

Chiranjivi Yathaa tvam tathaa me Bhraataaram Kuruhu.

Meaning: O Lord Markandeya, You are most fortunate and are Chiranjeevi (immortal), who will live for the duration of seven Kalpa, Please grant my brother a life as long as yours by virtue of being a Chiranjeevi.


Maha Shivratri 2015 Pooja shloka, stuti and Aarti By Pratibha Jani

Maha Shivratri 2015 Pooja shloka, stuti and Aarti  By Pratibha Jani

Maha Shivratri 2015 Pooja shloka, stuti and Aarti By Pratibha Jani

Maha shivratri puja and aarti
Maha shivratri puja and aarti India
Maha Shivratri lingam
Maha Shivratri lingam

Many of my members have been asking me for a full puja audio/video for prayers. So, to my beloved members and those interested in Shivji Puja, on the occasion of Mahashivratri tomorrow, I have compiled all  most popular and common shlokas and puja for Lord Shiv (No meanings or translations) Just puja and aarti. The entire audio/video is 39 minutes. FULL.




Some of us will be able to find Bilvapatra leaves please offer theme to shivji/shivlingam.

Last year I was in India at this time and was able to do the same. Sadly this year, I am in NJ and cannot find Pilvaparta. However, we will have a wonderful Milk abhishek /maha abhishek to Lord Shiv at our local temples.

Anyone who is not able to visit temples, can/ should  most definitely pray at their respective homes and get blessing from the creator of the universe.

Mahesh Murti Shiva Elephantacaves India
Mahesh Murti Shiva Elephantacaves India

Enjoy and have a wonderful Mahashivratri everyone