Om Sahanavavatu प्रातः प्रार्थना By Pratibha Jani.wmv

Om Sahanavavatu प्रातः प्रार्थना By Pratibha Jani
True happiness can only happen if and when we wish the same upon all beings around us. As they say, we are all connected. Here is a short sanskrit shloka(prayer) to wish for peace, happiness and prosperity to Every one. Narrate this shloka with an intention for peace all around you. Also known as shanti mantra.

  • Om Sahanaavavatu Sahanau bhunaktu Sahaviryam karvaavahai,
  • Tejasvinaa vaditamastu maavidvishaavahai Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

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Aatmashatkum आत्मषट्कं By Pratibha Jani (shivohum,shivohum)

Aatmashatkum आत्मषट्कं By Pratibha Jani (shivohum,shivohum)

For peace and Quiet meditation “shivohum, Shivohum”

Shri Purusha Suktam श्री पुरुष सुक्तं By Pratibha Jani.

Shri purusha Suktam is to be done before Shri Suktam

Purusha suktam is prayer to Lord Vishnu and Shri Suktam is Prayer to Mother Goddess.

It is said that we wish to invite the mother goddess into our home but we should invite her along with her Consort (Lord Vishnu or Yogeshwar)

Enjoy everyone. Hope you use it. Shri Suktam is on one of my earlier blogs in audio a new pic/audio will be coming up soon to help focus during prayers.

Click here for the  sanskrit script of Shri Purusha Sulktum PDF Files 09-23-2013 By Pratibha Jani

Transliterations coming as soon as I can

Shaanti Prarthna. for the departed soul

Shanti Prarthna for Ancestors. Audio

Here is one prayer, with English meanings, Transliterations and translations for doing during the shraddha days.

Shaanti Prarthana (Prayer for the peace of the soul) – In writing