Shri Ganesh Aavahan Mantra Shloka श्री गणेश आवाहनं मन्त्र श्लोक

Shri Ganesh Aavahan Mantra Shloka
श्री गणेश आवाहनं मन्त्र श्लोक

shri Ganesh
shri Ganesh

Shri Ganesh Chaturthi . It is also a day when you try to stay away from looking at the moon. Visit my categories on the right of the blog to see what shloka to recited if you happen to see the moon by mistake on this day.

In continuation of our series for steps for pooja practices in typical hindu gujrati homes. This particular segment is for invoking Lord Ganesh which is always done at the beginning of all ceremonies and pooja performances.

Tadaadau shri vighneshvar poojam karishye : तदादौ श्री विघ्नेश्वर् पूजां करिष्ये

Join hands and close your eyes in reciting this following mantra/shloka to invite/invoke Lord Ganesh to the pooja performance.

  • ॐ सुमुखाय नमः Om sumukhaay namah
  • ॐ एक दन्ताय नमः Om Ek dantaaya namah
  • ॐ कपिलाय नमः Om Kapilaaya Namah
  • ॐ गजकर्णकाय नमः Om gajakarnakaya Namah
  • ॐ लम्बोदराय नमः Om Lambodaraaya Namah
  • ॐ विकटाय नमः Om Vikataaya Namah
  • ॐ विघ्नराजाय नमः Om Vidhna Raajaaya namah
  • ॐ गणाधिपाय नमः Om Ganadhipaaya Namah
  • ॐ धूम्रकेतवे नमः Om Dhumratketave Namah
  • ॐ गणाध्यक्षाय नमः Om Ganaadhyakshaaya Namah
  • ॐ भालचन्द्राय नमः Om Bhalchandraaya Namah
  • ॐ गजाननाय नमः  Om Gajananaaya Namah

अभीप्सितार्थ सिध्यर्थं पूजितो यः सुरैरपि |
सर्व विघ्नच्चिदे तस्मै गणाधिपतये नमः
ॐ गणानां त्वा गणपतिं हवामहे,
कविं  कवी  नामुपमश्रवस्तम म्
ज्येष्टराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पत,
आनः श्रुन्वन्नूति भिस्सीद सादनम् ||

 श्री महा गणपते नमः| 

Jai Shri Ganesh

विघ्नेश्वर महाभाग सर्व लोक नमस्कृत |
मयरब्धमिदंकर्म निर्विघ्नं कुरु सर्वदा |
आब्रह्मलोकादशेशात् अलोकालोकपर्वतात
ये वसन्ति द्विजदेवाः तेभ्यो नित्यं नमो नमः |
नमो नमो गणेशाय नमस्ते शिव सूनवे |
अविघ्नं कुरुमे देव नमामित्वाम् गणाधिप

श्री महा गणपतये नमः  प्रार्थना समर्पयामि ||

  1. Abhipsitaartha siddhyarthan poojito yah surairapi.
  2. sarva vighnachchidetasmai ganaadhipataye namah.
  3. om ganaaanaam tvaa ganapatim havaamahe,
  4. kavimkavinaam upamashravastavam |
  5. Jyeshtaraajam brahmanaam brahmaanaspta
  6. aa nah shrunvannutibhissida saadanam ||
  7. Shri maha ganapataye namah|
  8. Vighneshvara mahabhaaga sarva loka namaskrutah
  9. mayaarabdhamidam karma,nirvighnam kuru sarvadaa.|
  10. aa brahmalokaadsheshaatalokaalokaparvataat
  11. Ye vasanti dvijadevaha, tebhyo nityam namo namah.
  12. namo namo ganeshaya namaste shiva sunave|
  13. A vidhnam kurume  deva namaamitvaam ganaadhipa.
  14. Shri maha ganapataye namah : Prarthanaam samarpayaami.

Bow your head to lord Shri Ganesh.

shri ganesh
shri ganesh

Next in the series is 10 Aatmapooja  आत्मपूजा in our continuaiton of series for Hinduism: Basics of Pooja practices.

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Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Bhavani Ashtakam श्रीभवान्यष्टकम् By Pratibha Jani    PDF

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Video/Audio is here


Shraddha Paksha(Pitrupaksha)

Shraddha Paksha(Pitrupaksha) Pitru shraddha. (The day for remembering our ancestors)

In Hindu culture, Once a year, every year, comes Shraddha Paksha. (The Ancestors’ forthnight). The time to pay respects, perform some religious ceremony and remember our ancestors – Known as Pitrtus, honor their wisdom, sacrifices and their being that have helped us come into this world and be what we are today.  On the day of their particular shraddha day, It is believed that if we cook their favorite food and offer to the Pancha maha bhoot- birds/crows, cows, dogs, give some to children, the temple priest, the poor etc, the ancestors will be fully satisfied where ever they are for the next one year and will have a happy and fulfilling life no matter where they are at this time. They will shower blessings of happiness, health and prosperity upon us and our family of future generations.  Starting tomorrow, for the next 15 days, in Hindu calendar we offer prayers, respects to the dearly departed ancestors of our family. They have done a lot for us during their life time and this is a special day in one year when we remember them all, each on their specific day or departing from this world and from us.

In my family we  typically sing the following prayer/s of

In respect to our ancestors, I am posting these small prayers in audio/video in gujrati to remember them. Recitation of the bhagwad gita chapter 12 and 15 are also considered to be very beneficial for the ancestors as it helps them in achieving peace and happiness in their  abode/next life cycle. Cook their favorite food on this day  and feed all you can and after offering to all, enjoy the meal with your family.

In case you do not remember which day they passed, the last day is a good day to offer your food and prayers. It is know as Sarva Pitru shraddha. (The day for all the ancestors) Sarva pirtushraddha


Bilvaashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम् Pratibha Jani

Bilvaashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम् Pratibha Jani

Here is the written PDF Bilvashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम् Pratibha Jani

Bilvaashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम् Pratibha Jani
Bilvaashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम् Pratibha Jani








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Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotrum श्री शिव महिम्न स्तोत्रम्

Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotrum श्री शिव महिम्न स्तोत्रम् By Pratibha Jani
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