Shivratri Fasting recipes Pratibha Jani

Shivratri Fasting recipes Pratibha Jani

Mahesh Murti Shiva Elephantacaves India

shivlingam Pratibha Jani
shivlingam Pratibha Jani






So, today as I woke up this morning, I thought of how we used to gt up early in the morning and cook fasting recipes for the day. We also used to cook for the members of the  family who did not fat so we did two set of cooking on that day. Fun right? Yup. Actually it was.  Then, once all the kitchen was taken care of, we used to go to Shiva temple. Any temple close to home works just fine.So many times I was also very lucky to be a tour guide at the famous Elephanta caves in Mumbai on the day of shivratri. I loved it so much.

I still do my temple visits here even in NJ.  We are lucky to find Shiva temples in our area that do the special Pujas and follow the Hindu calendar days to perform the Puja.

Really it doesn’t matter if you follow the physical visit to the temple  social /cultural/religious set of customs or if you can just take some time for yourself in introspection and try to reach your inner self, to find that YOU within your self, and /or try to tap into the higher authority that makes the universe and beyond go around. Take a few minutes for yourself and just be at peace with yourself. Meditate and do some pranayam. Do some Shiva chants/shlokas, prayers , aartis, what ever works for you but do something.   So here are my this morning’s fasting recipes: cooking recipes all ready to enjoy and share.    This morning  I made

  • Moriya ni khichdi
  • Bhinda nu shaak
  • Rajagra ni Bhakhri
  • and Moriya ni kadhi
Shiv ratri fasting recipes Pratibha Jani
Shiv ratri fasting recipes Pratibha Jani

Let me know how your day goes today.

and yes fruits

fruits Pratibha Janisrecipes
Pratibha Janisrecipes


Happy shivratri everyone, and if you are not fasting you  can still eat these recipes

Maha Shivratri 2015 Pooja shloka, stuti and Aarti By Pratibha Jani

Maha Shivratri 2015 Pooja shloka, stuti and Aarti  By Pratibha Jani

Maha Shivratri 2015 Pooja shloka, stuti and Aarti By Pratibha Jani

Maha shivratri puja and aarti
Maha shivratri puja and aarti India
Maha Shivratri lingam
Maha Shivratri lingam

Many of my members have been asking me for a full puja audio/video for prayers. So, to my beloved members and those interested in Shivji Puja, on the occasion of Mahashivratri tomorrow, I have compiled all  most popular and common shlokas and puja for Lord Shiv (No meanings or translations) Just puja and aarti. The entire audio/video is 39 minutes. FULL.




Some of us will be able to find Bilvapatra leaves please offer theme to shivji/shivlingam.

Last year I was in India at this time and was able to do the same. Sadly this year, I am in NJ and cannot find Pilvaparta. However, we will have a wonderful Milk abhishek /maha abhishek to Lord Shiv at our local temples.

Anyone who is not able to visit temples, can/ should  most definitely pray at their respective homes and get blessing from the creator of the universe.

Mahesh Murti Shiva Elephantacaves India
Mahesh Murti Shiva Elephantacaves India

Enjoy and have a wonderful Mahashivratri everyone

Navratri 2014

Navratri 2014 Short shlokas
Navratri  2014  Short shlokas

As the shraddha /pitrupaksha end today,For 2014,  tomorrow (9/25/14)  is day one of Navratri the festival of Mother goddess of Hindu Religion. This festival runs for nine days and we are supposed to fast all nine days if we can, but if not, the last three days are good as well, if that is not possible just one day the eighth days which is ashtami or aatham is also fine. The reason for fasting and eating less or light food is to give our body time to cleanse from within, and while it is doing so, the mind can focus more on higher spiritual needs of the Human life, the Meditation, pranayam and chants and prayers to get closer to one self from within, to get closer to the supreme Universe of which we all are a small part of.It is said that

  • the first three days are dedicated to The mother goddess Durga who is the destroyer of evil (our external and internal enemies) clean dn purify yourself by chanting shlokas for mother goddess Maa Durga.
  • The next three days are  dedicated to Mahalaxmi (Also Maa amba) who showers us is wealth and prosperity. and
  • the last three days are dedicated to Maa saraswati the goddess of learning and knowledge.

Here is a short audio for the three shlokas.  

So do the best you can.

During the nine days of Navratri we also have beautiful Garba dances happening in the evenings in honor of the mother goddess. In short, the Mother goddess protects the good and punishes/kills  the evil demons at the end of the nine day festival.

As a respect to the mother goddess I will be posting some chants, shlokas and prayers that we normally chant and sing to invoke /praise/pray to the mother goddess for our well being, health, wealth and happiness, all round progress in material world and in the spiritual world as well.

Hope you enjoy the posts, and share as you feel comfortable. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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Stay tuned for more. Also visit my you tube and
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Here are some shlokas and prayers and aarti for Navratri.

Namantram Strotam. Devi Paradhan Kshamapaan strotam

Prayer for forgiveness and Blessings to Mother Goddess