Shraddha Paksha(Pitrupaksha)

Shraddha Paksha(Pitrupaksha) Pitru shraddha. (The day for remembering our ancestors)

In Hindu culture, Once a year, every year, comes Shraddha Paksha. (The Ancestors’ forthnight). The time to pay respects, perform some religious ceremony and remember our ancestors – Known as Pitrtus, honor their wisdom, sacrifices and their being that have helped us come into this world and be what we are today.  On the day of their particular shraddha day, It is believed that if we cook their favorite food and offer to the Pancha maha bhoot- birds/crows, cows, dogs, give some to children, the temple priest, the poor etc, the ancestors will be fully satisfied where ever they are for the next one year and will have a happy and fulfilling life no matter where they are at this time. They will shower blessings of happiness, health and prosperity upon us and our family of future generations.  Starting tomorrow, for the next 15 days, in Hindu calendar we offer prayers, respects to the dearly departed ancestors of our family. They have done a lot for us during their life time and this is a special day in one year when we remember them all, each on their specific day or departing from this world and from us.

In my family we  typically sing the following prayer/s of

In respect to our ancestors, I am posting these small prayers in audio/video in gujrati to remember them. Recitation of the bhagwad gita chapter 12 and 15 are also considered to be very beneficial for the ancestors as it helps them in achieving peace and happiness in their  abode/next life cycle. Cook their favorite food on this day  and feed all you can and after offering to all, enjoy the meal with your family.

In case you do not remember which day they passed, the last day is a good day to offer your food and prayers. It is know as Sarva Pitru shraddha. (The day for all the ancestors) Sarva pirtushraddha


Happy Rakshaa Bandhan Everyone

Happy Rakshaa Bandhan Everyone
The wonderful loving bond between brothers and sisters around the world. What a beautiful day to celebrate the unconditional pure selfless and sacrificing love between a brother and sister. Also one of the Hindu customs to keep the family bond alive between brother and sister even after everybody is grown up and married and have their own children…A way to express love best wishes for a sister to her brother and for a brother to always be there for his sister no matter what life throws at them.
Love to all.

Shankha Pooja अथ शङ्ख पूजा

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7. अथ शङ्ख पूजा Atha Shankha Pooja

Shankha pooja1

shankha (Conch shells)



Not a regular common practice for daily prayers but it is followed for special occasions. For taking the kind of shankha it is beneficial to have a shankha that is “dakshin Varti” which means circling towards the south(opening) is best.  Any size you can find is fine.

Now take the sankha and dip it in the water of the kalash and take the water into the shankha. take a couple leaves of tulsi if you have , if not then some plain rice or few petals of flower are also fine. Now take this shankha and place it in a copper plate that is called Tarbhaanu.

Tarbhaanu(Copper plate for puja)
Tarbhaanu(Copper plate for puja)

a stainless steel plate is also ok.

Join your hands in prayer and say the following shloka to bring the shankha as part of the ceremony. Shankha is considered to have born from the ocean so invite Lord Vishnu and Shankha to the special occasion.

video and the written format of the shloka is as below

Let’s start.  Shankha Pooja by Pratibha Jani   pdf here

शङ्खं चन्द्रार्कदैवत्यं वारुणंचादि दैवतं |
पृष्ठे प्रजापति विद्यात् अग्रे गङ्गा सरस्वती|
त्रैलोक्ये यानि तीर्थानि वासुदेवस्य चाज्ञया |
शङ्खे तिष्ठन्ति विपेन्द्र तस्माद शङ्खं प्रपूजयेत् |
त्वं पूरा सागरोत्पन्नः विष्णुना विधृतः करे ||
निर्मितः सर्वदेवैस्तु पाञ्चजन्य नमोष्तुते |
पवनाय नमः
पाञ्चजन्याय नमः
पद्मगर्भाय नमः
अम्बुराजाय नमः
कंबुराजाय नमः
धवलाय नमः
पाञ्चजन्याय विद्महे पद्मगर्भाय धीमहि तन्नः शङ्खः प्रचोदयात् ||

Śaṅkhaṁ candrārkadaivatyaṁ vāruṇan̄cādi daivataṁ |
Pr̥ṣṭhē prajāpati vidyāt agrē gaṅgā sarasvatī |
Trailōkyē yāni tīrthāni vāsudēvasya cājñayā |
Śaṅkhē tiṣṭhanti vipēndra tasmāda śaṅkhaṁ prapūjayēt |
Tvaṁ pūrā saagarōtpannaḥ viṣṇunā vidhr̥taḥ karē | |
Nirmitaḥ sarvadēvaistu pāñcajan’ya namōṣtutē |
Pavanāya namaḥ
Pāñcajan’yāya namaḥ
Padmagarbhāya namaḥ
Amburājāya namaḥ
Kamburājāya namaḥ
Dhavalāya namaḥ
Pāñcajan’yāya vidmahē pādmagarbhāya dhīmahi tannaḥ śaṅkhaḥ pracōdayāt | |

Bow your head in respect and join your hands in prayer, invitation to the conch shell/Lord Vishnu.

Next is 7. Sankalp.अथः संकल्प