Navratri short shlokas

Happy Navratri

Navratri Three short shlokas




Bedtime prayers shlok by Pratibha Jani

Bedtime prayers shlok by Pratibha Jani



  • Krishnaay vasudevaya  Haraye paramaatmaney
  • pranatah klesha naashaaya govindaaya namo namah
  • Kara charana krutum vaa kaaya jum karma jumvaa
  • shravan nayana jumvvaa maanasvaa paraadham
  • vihitama vihitum vaa sarvametat kshamashva
  • jaya jaya karunaabdhe shri maha deva shambho

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Bhavani Ashtakam श्रीभवान्यष्टकम् By Pratibha Jani    PDF

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Shri Bhavani Ashtakam Pratibha Jani श्रीभवान्यष्टकम्

Video/Audio is here


Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotrum श्री शिव महिम्न स्तोत्रम्

Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotrum श्री शिव महिम्न स्तोत्रम् By Pratibha Jani
for the Auspicious month of Shraavan especially Mondays.


Shlokas to recite before meals यज्ञ शिष्ठा शिनः सन्तो

Shlokas to recite before meals   यज्ञ शिष्ठा शिनः सन्तो

Here is the pdf in sanskrit and English format to follow along यज्ञ शिष्ठा शिनः सन्तो मुच्यन्ते सर्वकिल् विषैः Shlokas to recite before meals

Shri Satyanarayan puja Prasad

Shri Satyanarayan puja Prasad


Ingredients for puja prasad porridge- siro satyanarayan puja
Ingredients for puja prasad porridge- siro satyanarayan puja

Shri Satya Narayan Puja is one of the most popular puja done in many Hindu homes on an annual or a special occasion basis. We have three types of prasad that we offer for this puja.

  1. A mixture of some dry fruits and nuts
  2. A banana and a couple
  3. 1 or 2 seasonal fruits(optional)
  4. Siro or sweet porridge

Here is making of the Prasad (Offering to God) Siro or sweet porridge for this occasion.


  • 1 and a half cup cream of wheat (or wheat flour- in some parts of the country)
  • 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of ghee
  • 1 to 1 1/2 cup of milk
  • some chopped/sliced almonds
  • 1 teaspoon of cardammom powder
  • 1 teaspoon of charoli(charodi)
  • 1 teaspoon of cardammom seeds
  • some pistachio nuts
  • some cashews
  • pinch of saffron if available (optional)

These are all the ingredients needed to prepare the siro. Most importantly, you can always work with less nuts and dry fruits . As long as you have the basic cream or wheat, sugar, milk and ghee you are good.


Heat the ghee in a large pan and then Roast the cream of wheat in it till you smell roasted and it starts to turn slightly golden brown. Now add some milk and  stir well as you cook some more. Milk starts evaporating. Add some more if you feel the need , Normally one cup should work just fine but it depends on the quality of cream of whet you have. Once the milk is all absorbed, add the sugar about one cup or a little less if fine. Stir well and cover it on medium heat to mix simmer and cook well. In a three to four minutes stir again and add most of the dry nuts and spice powder. Mix well.Cover and let it simmer for one minute. Now remove from the stove and spread it on a large plate or bowl (stainless steel  preferred) and garnish with the remaining nuts.

Allow it to cool before offering it in front of god for prasad. Remember to put a tulsi leaf on top before offering. Place the plate with the fruits/nuts Your prasad for the puja is ready for offering. After the puja, all members attending the puja take a small portion as as prasad from god for blessing and good luck