Shanta Kaaram N Tvameva Maata Prayers (Evening Prayerschants) 8 minutes

ShantaKaaram N Tvameva Maata Prayers N chants in Sanskrit for evening practice short 8 minutes Audio-Vidoe(To Lord Vishnu,Lord Shiva and Mother Goddess)      This is a group of shlokas and prayers/chants in sanskrit for daily evening practice.They are prayers to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and The Mother Goddess. This collection of chant/prayer is less than 8 minutes and is great to follow in the evenings around sunset time.  Enjoy, share,follow and Like us On.

Click Here for  written pdf  format in Sanskrit and English  Shantaaakaaram N tvameva maata.Pratibha Jani channel By Pratibha Jani

ShantaaKaaram N Tvameva Maata evening prayers

Namantram Strotam. Devi Paradhan Kshamapaan strotam

Prayer for forgiveness and Blessings to Mother Goddess

Surya Prarthana Prayer to the Rising Sun

Surya Prarthana Prayer to the Rising Sun in gujarati and sanskrit chants

This prayer/chant was taught to me by my grandmother at the age of 7. Actually, she never taught. I listened and just learned. I watched every morning as she stood in front of the window or on the terrace facing the early morning rising sun. I heard her chant this and as I kept listening everyday, it just became part of my life as well. I hope you enjoy and share. Comments are most welcome.  Thanks Baa.(grand maa).  I am hoping to put the translation up soon.

Here is the chant/prayer in writing English, Gujrati and Sanskrit script. Morning Prayers to the Rising Sun- Surya Prarthana

Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 15. Audio and Book

Chapter 15- Narration in sanskrit
The recitation is slow so that new and beginner members can follow and learn if they wish to.


Bhagwad Gita Chapter 15  Scanned in Sanskrit with English Translation and Transliterations

Shaanti Prarthna. for the departed soul

Shanti Prarthna for Ancestors. Audio

Here is one prayer, with English meanings, Transliterations and translations for doing during the shraddha days.

Shaanti Prarthana (Prayer for the peace of the soul) – In writing