Makar sanskranti Jan 14th by Pratibha Jani prayers and sesame seeds candy prasad

Makar sanskranti Jan 14th by Pratibha Jani prayers and sesame seeds candy prasad

Makar sankranti Puja and Naivedya sesame seeds candy Pratibha Jani
Makar sankranti Puja and Naivedya sesame seeds candy Pratibha Jani






Makar sankranti, Thai Pongal or Uttaran,Uttarayan and the kite festival are all different names of one harvest festival in India that falls on Jan 14th each. Traditionally, we make sesame seeds candy and offer as prasad or naivedya. to the family deity, Lord Sun (Surya). You can also recite the Gayatri Mantra/ Typically we are to bath early morning with oil and then perform this puja as a sign of good luck, and ask for blessings-with lighting a lamp or two lamps and incense, fresh flowers and recite the. Offer this Naivedya Prasad (this sesame seeds candy) and recite shlokas, chants, prayers. You can also offer panchamrut along with this prasad. The celebration of upcoming of the harvest festival when the fields will be all ready to seed/plough and at the same time it is also considered as the six months of the Gods/Devas day time. Enjoy this beautiful day with family friends and relatives.

For written recipe of this Naivedya (Prasad) follow my recipe site here Pratibha Jani’s vegetarian recipes

Prayers to lord surya- Surya naman Sanskrit shlok is here


Prayers to Lord Surya in Gujrati is here

Maha Gayatri – Shad devata gayatri mantra is here

Shad Devata Gayatri mantra in written is here

Simple Only Gayatri mantra is also good to do if you are short of time.

हरि ॐ   श्री गायत्री मन्त्रः

  • ॐ भुर्भुवस्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम् भर्गोदेवस्यः धीमहि
  • धियोयोनः प्रचोदयात्

Hari Om Shri Gayatri Mantra:

  • Om Bhurbhuvasva Tut saviturvarenyum, Bhargo devasya dhimahi
  • Dhuyo yonah prachodayaat.

Remember the kite flying if you and your children like it and are able to fly some kites. Have a very happy Thai Pongal, sankranti, and uttarayan everyone. Make this sweet dish and share the good ness in your heart.

Shri Purusha Suktam श्री पुरुष सुक्तं By Pratibha Jani. Pdf and Audio

Pdf on sanskrit script of

Shri Purusha Sulktum PDF Files 09-23-2013 By Pratibha Jani

Here is the chant  of purusha suktum on the beach




Bhai Beej -Bhai Duj sanskritchantsnprayers by Pratibha Jani

Bhai Beej -Bhai Duj sanskritchantsnprayers by Pratibha Jani

Prayers for Bhai Beej (Bhi Duj) The day after Hindu New Year

Sisters pray for the brother’s long and happy life on this day of Bhai Beej.   

Pray to these seven immortal souls of ancient times and ask for their blessings to grant your brother/s and long life.

अश्वथामा बलिर्व्यसः हनुमन्च विभीषण कृपाह परशुरामच सप्तेते चिरन्जिविन

Ashvathama Balirvyasah, hanumancha vibhishanah;

Krupaha Parshuramacha, Saptetey Chiranjijeevah:

Then address the following prayer to Lord Markandeya:

मार्कण्डेय महाभाग,सप्तकल्पा जीवितह

चिरन्जीवी यथा त्वं,लाथा मे भ्रातारं कुरुः

Markandeya Mahabhaga,Saptakalpa Jeevitaha

Chiranjivi Yathaa tvam tathaa me Bhraataaram Kuruhu.

Meaning: O Lord Markandeya, You are most fortunate and are Chiranjeevi (immortal), who will live for the duration of seven Kalpa, Please grant my brother a life as long as yours by virtue of being a Chiranjeevi.